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Lee Rosenberg, CFP®

Lee Rosenberg, CFP®

President & Founder

As founder and president of American Investment Planners LLC, Lee Rosenberg, CFP®, brings nearly forty years of experience as an investment advisor to his firm. In this leadership role he has guided his staff and clients through a wide range of market conditions that have called upon his vast knowledge of financial planning, asset management, tax planning as well as retirement and estate planning.

Today, American Investment Planners LLC, an independent Registered Investment Advisor, manages nearly a billion dollars annually in assets and for each of the past twenty years, has been recognized as the number one office in the country by their broker/dealer, Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. In addition, Lee Rosenberg, CFP® has been cited as one of their top three representatives over that same period.  

Lee is also the author of, RETIREMENT READY OR NOT and the co-author of 50 FABULOUS PLACES TO RETIRE IN AMERICA, 50 FABULOUS PLACES TO RAISE A FAMILY and DESTINATION FLORIDA: THE GUIDE TO A SUCCESSFUL RELOCATION (Career Press), the first book ever published on relocation to Florida.

With a career spanning four decades, Lee was among the first generation of Certified Financial Planners and learned early that a client’s financial future was not just about buying life insurance and mutual funds. “Due to market volatility, investing grew more complex and it was critical to also offer expert guidance on purchasing real estate, saving for college, planning for retirement and leaving a legacy through estate planning. 

“That was especially true after Black Monday in 1987; the fragile bond markets in 1994; the tech wreck/internet bubble in 1999, the financial crisis of 2008 and most recently, the Coronovirus pandemic, which initially caused the market to drop 40%.”

But longevity has not been the firm’s only benchmark of success. What has brought Lee and his team immense satisfaction is working with generations of families. “We have helped the grandparents plan for retirement, their children grow their portfolios and set up college accounts and now we are advising their grandchildren who are buying their first homes and investing in their family’s future.

“What we emphasize to younger clients is that although the technology, tools and predictive models have improved greatly since their grandparents’ day, computerization cannot sense the needs beyond the numbers. No algorithm can identify their wants, goals or unexpected bumps in the road but a trusted financial advisor with years of knowledge and expertise will. If you are seeking the path to prosperity, the benefit of working with a firm like ours will serve you well.”

When you are a client of American Investment Planners LLC, your investments are managed by a team of seasoned professionals. Together they evaluate your needs and make recommendations on a wide range of financial matters: tax planning; investment management; pre- and post-retirement planning; estate planning; college planning and more.

And when a client needs help beyond our scope, the firm also has strong alliances with top accounting and law firms that can offer the necessary solutions.