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Brian Amato, CFF®

Brian Amato, CFF®

Certified Financial Fiduciary®, Vice President

Brian Amato began his financial planning career in 1999 working for Morgan Stanley and joined Lee Rosenberg’s firm a year later. He immediately saw the vast difference between how a big brokerage firm handled clients vs. the caring, hands-on services a small firm could offer. He never looked back.

"The first thing I really appreciated was the wide variety of investment products I could choose from," Brian said. "I was able to choose what best fit the client’s needs instead of being restricted to proprietary offerings. Nothing is more important than working in the client’s best interests and that is the hallmark of what we do at American Investment Planners."

"The other major benefit for clients is that here you’re not just an account number, you’re a part of the family. Over time we get to know you, how you think, what your priorities are and because we review your portfolio throughout the year, we can be proactive and make recommendations at just the right time. Believe me, that does not happen at a brokerage house. You’re lucky if you reach the same person twice."

For the past 17 years, Brian has developed close relationships with his clients because he understands that the critical first step is ongoing communication and learning as much as possible about their families, careers, health issues, retirement goals and passions. "I always inquire about children, special needs, anything that will impact their financial goals and mostly their financial security. My job is to help them safeguard their growing portfolios and to build their trust."

In light of the volatile market, prudent investment strategies have never been more critical. Interestingly, Brian’s conservative approach has been the same throughout his career. "I started working with clients in 2000 when the market swings were also this unpredictable and discovered that their priorities were diversity, income and minimal risks. Today these same goals are the centerpiece of my plans. In fact, with the tremendous increase in product offerings now, my clients’ incomes are on the rise."

When asked what clients should understand about the financial planning process, Brian said that there are two key factors. "First, it takes a good three to six months to implement the right plan. Secondly, the plan is constantly evolving based on the market and the client’s changing needs. Maybe they decide they want to sell their home or take early retirement or are faced with a serious health issue. We’ll review their portfolio to see what moves we can make to insure a secure future."

In his free time, Brian is an avid boater and is a U.S. Coast Guard certified captain. For years he has been involved with the Last Hope Animal Rescue and is also a generous contributor. Brian lives in Fort Salonga with his wife Melissa, their daughter Ava and their son Carter.