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Barbara Magor Deel, CFP®, ChFC, MBA

Barbara Magor Deel, CFP®, ChFC, MBA

Certified Financial Fiduciary®, Executive Vice President

Barbara has been associated with Lee Rosenberg since 1992, but brings a unique perspective of the market and investing having grown up with “shop talk” her whole life. “My father was a stock broker until he recently passed away and I understood at a very early age the importance of money as it related to financial security. Whether I wanted to or not, saving for a rainy day began with my allowance.”

After earning an MBA in Statistics, Barbara began her career on Wall Street working in equity research where she developed a keen eye for evaluating investments. “Being on both the currency and commodities desks, I learned to distinguish between good and bad investment products. But having spent the past eighteen years on the other side of the street, it doesn’t matter if an investment is good if it’s not appropriate for the client’s needs. In fact, the older I’ve gotten, the greater appreciation I have for emotional as well as financial security. It’s not just about the returns. It’s about sleeping at night with your decisions.”

When asked what has changed for her as an investment advisor representative since her career began, Barbara spoke of one major difference. “Investment products have changed dramatically. In the 80s, you needed a special license to buy gold. Now it’s much easier to tap into precious metals as well as commodities such as timber, corn, coffee and world currencies. This opportunity for greater diversity in a portfolio has been a game changer. The combination of stability with steady growth has delivered outstanding results.”

“I’ve lived through many volatile periods in the market and have seen first hand that every period of fear leaves a different mark. But this most recent turbulence has confirmed my belief in diversification as a way to reduce risk.”

The other significant change in the investment world has been how technology has changed access to information. “I love that my clients can be a partner in the planning process by going online and reading performance reports or studying companies and investment products. The more involved they get, the more meaningful the decisions. Now they not only listen to my recommendations, they understand them.”

As for her relationships with her clients, Barbara is known for her warmth and compassion. “It’s not enough to be knowledgeable, you have to be approachable. My clients know that they can lean on me and confide in me. I work very hard to make a difference in their lives and I take that responsibility to heart. Most clients are concerned not only with their investments but their legacies. That is why I take a very holistic approach- excellent analysis with sound judgment.

“Plus I do not try to time the market. Instead I analyze a client’s portfolio on a quarterly basis and determine if there is any room for improvement. And like a chess game, I try to think ahead several moves and always have a backup plan. But overall,” she continued,” I’m the eternal optimist. I believe that if we want good things to happen, we can make them happen.”

Barbara has four grown sons and enjoy family travel, along with her husband. She has recently completed a second Masters in creative writing.  She loves to cook and is a lifetime patron of the arts and theater.

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