What We Do

Small at Heart, Big in Scope

Comprehensive Services for Changing Needs

The birth of a child, a college graduation, a long-awaited retirement, the sale of a family business, an unexpected medical condition—these kinds of lifecycle events can be overwhelming and often dictate the need to change financial strategies at a time when emotions are running high.

We understand. Our team of professionals has not only faced similar personal challenges, but we are advising thousands of clients through good times and bad. Truly we have seen it all, and we know what it takes to address your immediate needs, as well as rethink a different financial future.


“As soon as clients inform us that they are in the midst of major changes, we review their portfolios and consider any necessary adjustments to ensure a smooth transition. We then work with our strategic partners to make recommendations, not just on a few issues but a wide range of them.”
- Lee Rosenberg,  CFP, President


Planning for life’s transitions
American Investment Planners LLC can address such a broad spectrum of needs because our company is run by a team of knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate advisors and support staff.

We offer a comprehensive list of services that allows you to prioritize your goals and achieve financial security. These include:

    • Portfolio and asset management
    • Estate planning
    • Retirement planning (including early/forced)
    • Health-related financial planning
    • College savings
    • Taxes and accounting 
    • Insurance (life, disability, long-term care, etc.)
    • Elder care
    • Relocation
    • Surviving the loss of a spouse


A legacy of love
The ultimate test of a financial plan is the legacy you can pass on to your family and favorite charities. This is the key to estate planning, and we recognize the complex challenges involved in ensuring a safe, guaranteed transfer of assets upon death.

Because we work with generations of families, we know the best financial and legal strategies to put into place—so that, at difficult times, the best and most important decisions have already been made. As part of a comprehensive financial plan, you’ll be advised on matters relating to inheritances, trusts, wills, estate taxes and other concerns.

We also stay abreast of the ongoing and often sweeping changes imposed by the federal government that can greatly impact financial planning strategies. And we continually offer free client seminars with experts in the field to keep you informed.


Our unbiased perspective
As an independent advisory firm, we have the freedom to shop for the products we feel are most appropriate for your unique needs. We are never beholden to proprietary offerings. Furthermore, we are registered representatives of one of the most highly regarded independent broker/dealers in the country, Cadaret Grant & Company (Syracuse, New York ). 



“I really appreciate the wide variety of investment products I can choose from. It is so important to able to select the ones that best fit my clients’ needs, instead of being restricted to proprietary offerings.”
- Brian Amato, Vice President


“It doesn’t matter if an investment is good if it’s not appropriate for the client’s needs. It’s not just about the returns. It’s about sleeping at night with your decisions.”
- Barbara Magor, CFP®, ChFC, Vice President, Financial Planning