Lee Rosenberg, CFP®

Lee Rosenberg, CFP®


As founder and president of American Investment Planners LLC, Lee Rosenberg, CFP®, brings over thirty years of experience as an investment advisor and industry leader to his firm. Recognized for his knowledge of financial planning, asset management, tax planning as well as retirement and estate planning, “Worth” magazine consistently identifies him as one of the “200 Best Financial Advisors in the Country”. For the past five consecutive years, “Registered Representative” magazine has chosen him as one of America’s top 100 independent advisors. Several years running he has been listed in the top twenty-five.

Lee Rosenberg is also a nationally known author and lecturer who is often quoted in the “Wall Street Journal”, the “New York Times” and “Newsday”. In addition, he is a frequent contributor on TV, having appeared on “The Oprah Show”, “The Today Show”, “NBC Nightly News” and CNBC. 

Lee is the author of two books, "Retirement Ready or Not", strategies for retiring with financial security and "Destination Florida", a guide to successful relocation.  He is also the co-author of two other books, "50 fabulous places to Retire in America" and "50 Fabulous Places to Raise Your Family", a guide to wonderful places where your family can live, work and play.

With a career spanning four decades, Lee recently looked back at the early days of financial planning when investors had few options for getting impartial advice. “At the time, people were relying on banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies, but large institutions mostly offered products not strategic solutions.” 

This is why he helped co-found the Long Island chapter of the Institute of Financial Planners back in the early 80s. “I realized the need for investment advisors like myself to have an umbrella organization that could help educate the public on how to create wealth and preserve assets.”

As one of the first generation of Certified Financial Planners, Lee also learned early on that a client’s financial future was not just about buying life insurance and mutual funds. “Investors needed expert guidance on purchasing real estate, saving for college and planning for retirement through IRAs, profit sharing and other products.

“Personal investing was getting increasingly complex,” Lee said, “and that was before Black Monday in 1987; the fragile bond markets in 1994; the tech wreck/internet bubble in 1999; the tragedy after 9/11 and most recently, the financial crisis of 2008.”

Given so much economic uncertainty, there has never been a greater need for investors to work with a well respected firm like American Investment Planners.

“It’s understandable that people have lost confidence in investing, but through all this market volatility, we have helped our clients prosper. In fact, the proof of our success is not only our longevity but that we are working with three generations of families.

“We have helped the grandparents plan for retirement, their children grow their portfolios and set up college accounts and now we are advising their grandchildren who are buying their first homes.”

Today, working with American Investment Planners means having access to a team of seasoned professionals. “We work together to evaluate a client’s needs and make recommendations, not just on a few issues but a wide range of them: tax planning; investment management; pre and post retirement planning; estate planning; college planning and even relocation.”

The firm has also created alliances with top accounting and law firms so that when clients present complex financial issues, they can offer proven solutions. “Unlike large institutions, we are set up to move rapidly and make timely decisions. But we don’t just give expert advice; we remain a steady, trusted partner.

“For instance, when clients inform us that they are in the midst of major changes we review their portfolios and consider any necessary changes to insure a smoother transition. We understand the implications when failing health, a job loss, a divorce or a death touches a family. We understand when an elderly parent has to be placed in a nursing home and the spouse needs help managing their financial affairs. We understand how trusts, taxes and investments are affected. We even understand the challenges of relocating an elderly parent so that their children can look after them.”

Given their successful track record, American Investment Planners is no longer a local Long Island firm. “As our clients grew up, relocated, retired or spread the word, we expanded to serve clients through the greater New York area, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, the Carolinas and Florida.”

In addition, the company recently expanded to set up the New York State Financial Planning Network, which provides comprehensive financial planning services to school superintendants, school district employees as well as Fortune 500 companies. Their affiliate offices are located throughout the state.

Looking ahead, Lee continually assesses the market and considers how global growth will affect the average investor. “When companies can sell their products in one-hundred eighty countries, it’s a whole new ball game. At the same time, tax laws seem to change annually and the vast increase in the number of financial products that are available means that getting sound investment advice is critical.”

In light of all these changes, how is the firm better serving clients? “Technology has given us so many tools to track portfolios that we can be much more proactive, not just reactive,” Lee said. “In addition, our clients can use our newly designed website to access their personal accounts day or night, just like a bank. We also invested in a new phone system that allows us to have “face-to-face” meetings via video conferencing.”

Finally, by having formed strong alliances with experts in taxes, estate planning, retirement planning and asset management, American Investment Planners is like a large medical practice that offers access to top specialists in one place. But it has not been at the expense of losing their personal connection.

 “We still know all of our clients and their families, their circumstances, their goals- even how they like their coffee. That is how it has always been and will continue to be. It is our heartfelt promise.”

If you would like to discuss your personal financial planning needs with Lee, email him at lee@americaninvestmentplanners.com  or call the office. 516-932-5130.

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