John L'Abbate, CFP®

John L'Abbate, CFP®

Director of Tax Planning

John is the firm’s in-house tax advisor, bringing more than twenty years of expertise when he meets with clients. Because of his background in both tax planning and investment planning, he offers them an important edge. “I help clients who are in a high tax bracket avoid what we call a tax drag. This prevents investment losses of as much as 35% to 45% by avoiding certain tax triggers.” 

To begin the careful planning process, John works hard to understand his client’s financial goals. “My first step is to review their portfolio, their lifestyle and their circumstances and pretend that I am in their situation so that my recommendations are the same as if I was creating a financial plan for myself.”

Of course the specific strategies that John implements are impacted by the age of the investor. “My retired clients tend to be conservative and focus more on preservation and income. A younger couple obviously has a longer timeframe and different expectations because their careers are still progressing. In those cases we focus on insurance and disability, college accounts and long term growth. But regardless of age, proper asset allocation is vital.”

When asked if the recent market swings have altered his investment philosophy, John said that what has not changed is his long view attitude. “I never try to beat the market on any given day, week or month. But what I have changed in the past five years is recommending overseas investments because that’s where the growth is. I’ve been very pleased with the performances coming from China and Brazil.”

As for clients who want a little more “alpha” in the mix, John leans towards mutual funds that offer commodities and precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

 Of course John urges clients to remember that a portfolio is always a work in progress. “As a client’s needs change, or as their portfolio grows or they receive an inheritance or settlement, I continually monitor their asset allocations. I also consider dollar cost averaging to make sure that we are maximizing their investments while minimizing their overall tax burden.

“I really enjoy what I do and nothing makes me happier than when a client comes in, shakes my hand and says thanks John. My investments are doing so much better than my brother-in-law’s.”

Outside of the office, John is an avid traveler and a big car enthusiast who never misses an auto show.

If you would like to discuss your financial planning needs with John, email him at  or call him at 516-932-5130. 

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