Jessica Bach

Jessica Bach

Wealth Management Services

Jessica’s career in personal finance began in 1999 working for Lee Rosenberg as a Client Services Manager. It was in that role that she developed her ability to help people organize their financial life and to make sure they understood how their investment strategies were impacting their financial security.

She enjoyed working alongside the planning team, implementing their expert advice and then addressing any of the client’s questions or concerns. “I’m a problem solver by nature,” Jessica said. “It was a great feeling to clarify details of a financial plan or to clear up confusion because an informed client is a happy client.”

That is why she was so pleased to return in 2011, but in a new capacity that will serve clients at an even greater level. Her new focus is introducing them to the investment advisory platform, also known as asset managed accounts.

“This is an exciting opportunity for our clients, particularly active traders as well as those who seek an added layer of protection for their investments,” Jessica said. “My priority is to integrate the client’s financial objectives with a customized, managed portfolio in a seamless fashion.”

Jessica is looking forward to meeting new clients as well as reintroducing herself to those she worked with previously. As always, she brings a great level of enthusiasm and integrity to the process. She is confident that clients will appreciate her great attention to details and her personal interest in their financial well being.

In her spare time, she is a great patron of the arts, particularly theatre and concerts. She is also a devoted pet owner. Just ask about Freddie and her face lights up.

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