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Steven Hoffman, CFP®

Steven Hoffman, CFP®

Vice President, Investment Services

Steven Hoffman is the financial planner’s financial planner, with over thirty-five years of experience working in securities, annuities, insurance and retirement and estate planning. Today he is one of the most widely recognized Certified Financial Planners in the country, managing portfolios for individual investors as well as business owners. He has been consistantly recognized as one of America’s top independent advisors by “Registered Representative” magazine.

To what does he attribute his success? “Experience, judgment and trust,” he said. “Over the years I have helped clients address a wide array of financial challenges and am grateful to have earned their confidence. Although the recent market fluctuations have kept investors on edge, I have proven that preemptive planning offers them the financial stability they want. If I am going to err, it will be on the side of caution.”

But preservation is just the beginning. According to Steven, his clients have come to expect a fervent attention to details and ongoing communication. “They know that I will be in touch on a regular basis so that we can address their changing needs and subsequently reallocate their portfolios if necessary.”

He reviews a client’s portfolio on a quarterly basis at minimum and schedules additional phone or in-person conferences if necessary. “It’s not just about knowing when to act, but to anticipate what issues or questions are coming down the pike and being prepared with answers.

Twenty years ago, Steven joined forces with Lee Rosenberg, CFP, working in both of the firm’s Jericho, Long Island and Boca Raton, Florida offices. “I am proud to be associated with a growing firm that still maintains such personal connections with clients. We know everyone’s name, their families, their circumstances and just as important, their attitudes towards money and investing. Everyone has had a different experience in the market before they come to us, as well as vastly different goals. There is no one size fits all approach here. We create a financial plan as if it’s a custom-made suit. It is going to fit perfectly.”

As for his views on asset allocation, he has the ability to invest in any proven securities in the country, unlike the brokerage firms which traditionally turn to proprietary products. “Furthermore, where appropriate I create a multi-layered plan that offers both growth and fixed income to insure that clients are protected and prosperous.”

When not in the office, Steven enjoys travel and spending time with his family and grandchildren. He is also an avid golfer.